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Top PvE Player Killers

Data Last Updated: December 31, 1969, 6:00 pm CT

This is a list of the top 100 baddies in the game who are adept at killing players.

MOB NamePlayer Kills
Ravager (T18)7757
Elven Archer6469
Privateer (T18)5797
Elven Mage5160
Relic Hunter (T18)4158
Skeleton Archer3972
Air Elemental3109
Lich Mage2753
Hardened Skeleton Archer2667
Elf Fighter2606
Ancient Ferocious Obsidian Golem2411
Gael, Lord of Air2350
Arachnairn Deathbringer2277
Ebon Cultist High Wizard1992
Vigorem Cavas (T16)1786
Torc'Dawl the Broken1742
Skeleton Warrior1717
Wrauk, Lord of Earth1675
Red Spider Chosen Young1531
Petrified Zombie (T13)1404
Ebon Cultist Marksman1387
Skeleton Archmage1385
Goruk Mansmasher1319
Hardened Skeleton Footman1293
Trained Wolf1253
Siege Engineer1246
Xen Trohop, Spider Queen1228
Elite Skeleton Footman1205
Satyr Marksman1171
Elrin Nayer1168
Ebon Cultist Archer1079
Elite Skeleton Archer1066
Death Metal Slime1052
Ghost Corpion (T12)1046
Hardened Skeleton Mage1046
Elite Skeleton Mage1016
Polar Destroyer963
Satyr Warlock961
Satyr Arch Warlock926
Clockwork Dragon925
Frost Giant895
Ebon Cultist Wizard883
Ghost Corpion862
Aether Corpion858
Ancient Yellow Dragon855
Purple Wyvern814
Kobold Mage809
Kobold Archer804
Ghost (T16)783
Large Skeleton Archer777
Lich Sharpshooter759
Ancient Black Dragon (T10)754
Ferocious Black Arachnid734
Black Arachnid725
Petrified Zombie710
Feram Cavas (T16)704
Yellow Dragon698
Vigorem Cavas (T12)665
Large Skeleton Footman662
Troll Twin655
Aether Dragon645
Pyre, Lord of Fire636
Orange Pit Dragon616
Hardened Elven Archer597
Water Elemental586
Obsidian Watch Commander568
Greater Daemon553
Ferocious Red Spider545
Obsidian Bear541
Kobold Brawler509
Razorback Destroyer496
Satyr Marksman Assassin491
Dark Unicorn473
Verw├╝ster{@N//in/} (T18)473
Skeleton Footman469
Satyr Champion466
Light Unicorn457
Red Spider456
Lich Fighter454
Red Ice Snarler449
Massive Crocodile447
Riei Firefeather444
Dark Archlapin of Death and Destruction432
Baern'Dawl the Lonely420
Ferocious Red Spider (T15)416
Huge Purple Wyvern415
Red Dragon411
Naughty Brat409