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Top PvE Player Killers

Data Last Updated: October 25, 2021, 2:45 am CT

This is a list of the top 100 baddies in the game who are adept at killing players.

MOB NamePlayer Kills
Elven Archer4749
Elven Mage3250
Ravager (T18)3203
Privateer (T18)2212
Skeleton Archer2016
Arachnairn Deathbringer1830
Relic Hunter (T18)1797
Air Elemental1776
Lich Mage1727
Hardened Skeleton Archer1526
Elf Fighter1465
Vigorem Cavas (T16)1416
Torc'Dawl the Broken1058
Ancient Ferocious Obsidian Golem903
Goruk Mansmasher831
Elrin Nayer828
Red Spider Chosen Young826
Ebon Cultist Marksman781
Skeleton Warrior738
Xen Trohop, Spider Queen702
Death Metal Slime688
Siege Engineer673
Hardened Skeleton Footman655
Elite Skeleton Archer628
Ghost (T16)623
Aether Corpion620
Satyr Marksman615
Satyr Arch Warlock611
Ebon Cultist Archer567
Clockwork Dragon563
Feram Cavas (T16)562
Elite Skeleton Footman558
Polar Destroyer550
Gael, Lord of Air542
Petrified Zombie (T13)533
Ebon Cultist High Wizard509
Ghost Corpion (T12)492
Ancient Yellow Dragon489
Trained Wolf480
Frost Giant479
Purple Wyvern471
Petrified Zombie420
Ebon Cultist Wizard417
Vigorem Cavas (T12)411
Large Skeleton Archer410
Ancient Black Dragon (T10)409
Kobold Mage400
Orange Pit Dragon396
Wrauk, Lord of Earth386
Black Arachnid385
Hardened Elven Archer369
Yellow Dragon365
Troll Twin364
Kobold Archer364
Aether Dragon358
Lich Sharpshooter357
Satyr Marksman Assassin350
Large Skeleton Footman344
Skeleton Archmage344
Ferocious Black Arachnid342
Ghost Corpion339
Hardened Skeleton Mage334
Satyr Warlock327
Razorback Destroyer323
Ferocious Red Spider (T15)314
Naughty Brat311
Obsidian Bear302
Elite Skeleton Mage293
Ferocious Red Spider281
Skeleton Footman280
Huge Purple Wyvern273
Obsidian Watch Commander271
Lich Fighter266
Dark Unicorn264
Kobold Brawler251
Massive Crocodile250
Cap'n Markus Darkfeather250
Light Unicorn243
Red Spider240
Satyr Champion240
Red Dragon240
Red Ice Snarler233
Dark Archlapin of Death and Destruction233
Riei Firefeather231
Polar Mutilator222
Mek the Unkillable221
Satyr Elite Guard217