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Top PvE Player Killers

Data Last Updated: June 29, 2022, 5:45 pm CT

This is a list of the top 100 baddies in the game who are adept at killing players.

MOB NamePlayer Kills
Ravager (T18)7038
Elven Archer6382
Privateer (T18)5319
Elven Mage5084
Relic Hunter (T18)3831
Skeleton Archer3473
Air Elemental2860
Lich Mage2562
Elf Fighter2514
Hardened Skeleton Archer2416
Arachnairn Deathbringer2257
Ancient Ferocious Obsidian Golem2176
Gael, Lord of Air2060
Vigorem Cavas (T16)1708
Ebon Cultist High Wizard1653
Torc'Dawl the Broken1641
Wrauk, Lord of Earth1549
Red Spider Chosen Young1399
Skeleton Warrior1347
Petrified Zombie (T13)1299
Ebon Cultist Marksman1216
Goruk Mansmasher1214
Hardened Skeleton Footman1161
Xen Trohop, Spider Queen1161
Elite Skeleton Footman1123
Skeleton Archmage1096
Siege Engineer1086
Trained Wolf1037
Elrin Nayer1025
Satyr Marksman1024
Ghost Corpion (T12)1000
Elite Skeleton Archer960
Ebon Cultist Archer946
Death Metal Slime937
Hardened Skeleton Mage880
Polar Destroyer872
Clockwork Dragon869
Elite Skeleton Mage867
Frost Giant852
Satyr Arch Warlock852
Satyr Warlock808
Ebon Cultist Wizard774
Ancient Yellow Dragon762
Ghost Corpion758
Ghost (T16)751
Purple Wyvern738
Kobold Mage735
Kobold Archer717
Ancient Black Dragon (T10)714
Aether Corpion713
Large Skeleton Archer708
Ferocious Black Arachnid691
Lich Sharpshooter653
Feram Cavas (T16)652
Black Arachnid650
Petrified Zombie641
Vigorem Cavas (T12)617
Yellow Dragon612
Troll Twin608
Large Skeleton Footman588
Hardened Elven Archer579
Orange Pit Dragon572
Pyre, Lord of Fire555
Water Elemental519
Ferocious Red Spider501
Obsidian Bear492
Obsidian Watch Commander488
Aether Dragon474
Razorback Destroyer462
Kobold Brawler455
Satyr Marksman Assassin452
Verw├╝ster{@N//in/} (T18)446
Dark Unicorn437
Red Ice Snarler437
Dark Archlapin of Death and Destruction432
Light Unicorn432
Skeleton Footman430
Greater Daemon424
Lich Fighter423
Red Spider417
Satyr Champion412
Riei Firefeather410
Baern'Dawl the Lonely394
Huge Purple Wyvern388
Ferocious Red Spider (T15)388
Massive Crocodile387
Red Dragon386
Cap'n Markus Darkfeather369