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Top PvE Player Killers Per Death

Data Last Updated: June 29, 2022, 5:45 pm CT

This is a list of the top 100 baddies in the game who are adept at killing players based on number of kills per death.

MOB NamePlayer KillsMOB Deaths
Frost Giant85241
Petrified Zombie (T18)808
Ancient Black Dragon (T15)6418
Skelett-Magier (T10)31
Nightmarish Timber Wolf (T21)18770
Lich Mago (T12)21
Devastatore (T12)21
Scheletro Mago (T18)21
Лич-снайпер (T10)21
Suutak, Master of Tempests313179
Скелет-маг (T12)32
Медведь гризли (T18)1511
Скелет-лучни{@N/к/ца/} (T12)43
Obsidian Destroyer9577
Skeleton Archer (T18)216181
Skeleton Warrior (T18)183181
Tiratore Scelto Elfico (T16)22
Skeleton Archer (T15)44
Lich Mago (T16)11
Arquero esqueleto (T10)11
Ancient Green Dragon7382
Ghost Corpion (T17)3239
Grizzly Bear (T18)292379
Wrauk, Lord of Earth15492060
Лич-маг (T12)57
Polar Mutilator360539
Nightmarish Red Spider (T18)23
Scheletro Mago (T10)23
Ferocious Brown Arachnid149227
Gael, Lord of Air20603419
Скелет-воин (T12)35
Ferocious Obsidian Bear90167
Elven Sharpshooter (T16)4278
Savage Red Spider (T20)76144
Разрушитель{@N//ница/} (T18)227443
Aether Dragon474926
Aether Corpion7131411
Scheletro Guerriero (T18)12
Lich Mago (T17)12
Лич-маг (T16)12
Ancient Orange Dragon61124
Skeleton Mage (T18)89182
Pumpkin Head128272
Skeleton Mage (T15)49
Lich Mage (T16)1330
Эльф{@N//ийка/}-снайпер{@N//ша/} (T16)37
Эльфийский воин (T13)37
Aranha Vermelha Feroz (T15)37
Large Darkstarr Corpion52126
Капер (T18)182453
Ghost Corpion7581953
Ferocious Razorback (T19)157405
Razorback (T18)49130
Охотни{@N/к/ца/} за реликвиями (T18)160440
Orso Grizzly (T18)617
Xen Trohop, Spider Queen11613346
Devastador (T18)161483
Schatzjäger (T12)618
Scheletro Guerriero (T12)13
Призрак (T13)13
Devastatore (T18)78240
Obsidian Black Panther413
Light Unicorn4321425
Ferocious Red Spider (T19)114390
Skelettkrieger (T10)27
Ancient Undead High Mage, Elite36129
Dark Unicorn4371623
Caccia{@N/tore/trice/} di Reperti (T18)63234
Elder Lich Cleanser145543
Ancient Undead High Mage2388
Lich Mage (T12)27105
Ancient Undead Warrior Drone207819
Lich Mago (T11)312
Blackened Clockwork Dragon101409
Verwüster{@N//in/} (T18)4461838
Skeleton Archer (T12)76318
Lichmagier (T11)521
Red Ice Snarler4371843
Nave Corsara (T18)52228
Razox Dread104459
Legendary Lion1985
Ornery Reaper31141
Ferocious Obsidian Boar1987
Adversity Jones839
Lord Tolask Nird56276
Lich Mage (T11)91451
Ghost (T19)735
Ferocious Obsidian Wolf1367
Spawn of Pele98510
Legendary Saber-Toothed Tiger75392
Ras'al'horag, Undead Lord81425
The Longfall Kid842
Corsario (T18)81441
Red Spider (T18)2691489