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Top PvE Player Killers Per Death

Data Last Updated: December 31, 1969, 6:00 pm CT

This is a list of the top 100 baddies in the game who are adept at killing players based on number of kills per death.

MOB NamePlayer KillsMOB Deaths
Frost Giant89542
Petrified Zombie (T18)949
Ancient Black Dragon (T15)8829
Skelett-Magier (T10)31
Nightmarish Timber Wolf (T21)18771
Scheletro Mago (T18)21
Lich Mago (T12)21
Corsario (T12)21
Devastatore (T12)21
Suutak, Master of Tempests317194
Скелет-маг (T12)32
Скелет-лучни{@N/к/ца/} (T12)43
Skeleton Archer (T18)234186
Obsidian Destroyer10085
Skeleton Warrior (T18)201182
Медведь гризли (T18)1515
Lich Mago (T16)11
Skeleton Archer (T15)44
Arquero esqueleto (T10)11
Tiratore Scelto Elfico (T16)22
Ancient Green Dragon7585
Ghost Corpion (T17)6175
Grizzly Bear (T18)293385
Wrauk, Lord of Earth16752220
Nightmarish Red Spider (T18)23
Ferocious Brown Arachnid176264
Scheletro Mago (T10)23
Polar Mutilator392631
Скелет-воин (T12)35
Gael, Lord of Air23504045
Разрушитель{@N//ница/} (T18)248443
Savage Red Spider (T20)80144
Pumpkin Head225407
Skeleton Mage (T18)96182
Scheletro Guerriero (T18)12
Ferocious Obsidian Bear93186
Obsidian Black Panther714
Lich Mago (T17)12
Лич-маг (T16)12
Ancient Orange Dragon62125
Aether Dragon6451400
Elven Sharpshooter (T16)4598
Skeleton Mage (T15)49
Large Darkstarr Corpion54126
Эльф{@N//ийка/}-снайпер{@N//ша/} (T16)37
Aranha Vermelha Feroz (T15)37
Aether Corpion8582013
Капер (T18)192453
Охотни{@N/к/ца/} за реликвиями (T18)177440
Лич-маг (T12)615
Razorback (T18)52133
Ghost Corpion8622216
Ferocious Razorback (T19)161415
Эльфийский воин (T13)38
Lich Mage (T16)1643
Xen Trohop, Spider Queen12283425
Orso Grizzly (T18)617
Devastatore (T18)83240
Devastador (T18)165483
Scheletro Guerriero (T12)13
Schatzjäger (T12)618
Ferocious Red Spider (T16)13
Призрак (T13)13
Ferocious Red Spider (T19)118390
Ancient Undead High Mage, Elite41143
Ghost (T20)27
Skelettkrieger (T10)27
Light Unicorn4571612
Ancient Undead Warrior Drone268962
Caccia{@N/tore/trice/} di Reperti (T18)63234
Elder Lich Cleanser154581
Dark Unicorn4731812
Lich Mago (T11)312
Verwüster{@N//in/} (T18)4731904
Blackened Clockwork Dragon117479
Lich Mage (T12)30124
Skeleton Archer (T12)79327
Lichmagier (T11)521
Razox Dread112476
Ancient Undead High Mage27116
Nave Corsara (T18)53228
Ornery Reaper35153
Ghost (T19)940
Legendary Lion1985
Legendary Saber-Toothed Tiger92425
Ferocious Obsidian Wolf1674
Ferocious Obsidian Boar2095
Lich Mage (T11)106526
Red Ice Snarler4492267
Red Spider (T18)2951492
Corsario (T18)86441
Spawn of Pele110566
Adversity Jones842
Ancient Undead High Mage Drone161852