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Artifact Survey for Shroud of the Avatar Chatlogs

Thank you for contributing data to the artifact survey! The goal of this survey is provide artifact data that is not in the public SotA API data. There is artifact data but it resides within your ChatLogs as you adventure and gain artifacts. This tool will process your chatlog file and store general data regarding the artifacts found within. Specifically it will store the artifact found, the scene it was found in, and the last MOB killed before the artifact was found.

To get started, click the "Choose File" button and select a ChatLog file from your SotA chatlogs directory. If you do not know where to find your chatlogs directory, in the in-game chat type /datafolder and press enter. A directory browser window should open and within it will be a chatlogs folder. It is within the chatlogs directory you will find the files this script processes. Once you have selected a file click the Open button on the selection dialog your ChatLog file will be uploaded.

You can upload multiple files at once by either holding the CTRL key when you select files or by dragging multiple files on top of the "Drop ChatLog files here" area. Once files are dropped they will be automatically uploaded.

Please note that this script does not store any identifying information from your files. Once a file is processed it is immediately discarded. A one-way hash of your filename is stored to prevent the same file from adding to the survey.

Drop ChatLog files here
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